Into the second week

After a breathless first week we can take stock of where we’ve got to. We started on the first day with 10 project staff who are working hours which make up the rough equivalent of six full-time people. The digitisation work has been split down into three teams. Team 1 are dealing with the 16th century cause papers using a camera/copy-stand set-up, Team 2 are dealing with the 17th century cause papers using an identical equipment set-up, and Team 3 are dealing with the 18th century, using an SMA 21 overhead scanner. Each team is imaging, and then compiling spreadsheet logs of their work which relate image file references with Cause Paper references. The scanner is producing TIFFs, which makes the workflow quite straightforward. The cameras are producing RAW – which are then being processed through Adobe Lightroom into TIFFs. I think we are almost there with workflow, although of course as different processes bed down and efficiencies are discovered there will be room for tweeking so we make most efficient use of time and equipment.

Storage is the next think to nail down properly. At the moment we are backing up on C-drives and desktop additional hard-drives. Just waiting for our secure network drive to be made available – which should be very soon. We’ve asked for 1TB to start with, with more to come soon afterwards.

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