Project image storage

We estimated that the storage needs for this project would be large, although as yet we are not quite sure how large. Pilot work before we began showed that the scanner, creating TIFFS at 300dpi, would probably create in the region of 30 GB  a day. (A typical, individual image, after cropping, is c. 42MB.)

Now the project is underway it is possible to see how the cameras perform in relation to the scanner.  A typical RAW file from a camera is about 12.5 MB, once processed into a TIFF is is 41MB, reassuringly similar to those TIFFs created by the scanner. However, the cameras, as we thought might be the case, have a slightly lower through-put than the scanner, so we are getting slightly fewer files per day from then, compared to the scanner.

A rough calculation would give a maximum project total of just under 9TB for storage of the TIFFs, if the cameras worked at the same speed as the scanner. The cameras being slightly slower, I suspect we will be closer to 8TB. However, this won’t be the total of the storage space needed. Operationally, the plan is to keep a set of archive images on one server, and then split off a series of derivative images, for access, onto different storage.

More detailed calculations will follow when the first fortnight’s work has been cropped, checked and uploaded to the networked file space.


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