Equipment challenges

We’ve had a challenging couple of weeks, with various pieces of equpiment failure coming all at once. First of all the scanning head developed a problem, and then various of the Bowen 200/200 light heads have started malfunctioning. The scanner was under a service contract and so the scanner head was replaced without difficulty resulting in about a weeks lost work. The Bowen light heads are proving more of a problem. One of them has been replaced under warranty by the manufacturer. However, to send all the malfunctioning units back would mean doing without lights for a few weeks which is something we can’t factor in to such a short project. We have, therefore, made the decision to carry on with the malfunctioning lights we have – turning up the brightness of the background lighting to compensate for flash failure. The lighting quality of the images is different to the images taken earlier on the project – but the images are still high-quality.

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