Derivative copies

This week we are beginning the process of creating the derivatives that will be used for service delivery and archiving, from the master TIFF image files.

The York Digital Library team have created a script that will take each directory and make the derivatives (jpeg2000,  jpg (medium), preview image and thumbnails) as well as transferring the TIFF to a different location for archiving, with a mirrored directory structure. The file structure has been created to reflect the dates of image creation and the identity of the team creating them which will help us easily keep track of what’s where at this stage in the project.

There’s a little bit of housekeeping work to be done first – making sure that the folder and file names do not contain any spaces or alphanumeric characters (, ), *, & etc. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have run the script on a few folders and will be able to estimate the time needed to make all the derivatives, and if necessary add some more machine resource to the operation.

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