Cause Paper Digitisation in pictures

We’ve been very fortunate to have two photographers working with us on the project. This week Katrina Zerilli has been taking some time to document the project in picture.

Cause Paper

A typical page from a 17th century cause paper.

Copy-stand imaging station

One of the copy-stand imaging stations


A few of the court books volumes, still in original bindings, are too fragile for this project to tackle.

Cause Paper

A cause paper bundle. Note the marginal annotation.

Page turning

A booklet type cause paper - a typical format for the main series.

Copy-stand imaging station in use

Imaging of flat sheet material

Bundles of cause papers

Some of the 19th century cause papers are folded in three making little fat bundles which do not lie flat easily. Using the SMA 21 scanner (background) the bundles usually open flat enough that the scanner's gentle flattening action can take a good image.This view of the strongrooms shows the rows of cause papers. If you look carefully you can see little white stickers on the boxes which show which have been completed. It's very motivational to see more and more stickers as the weeks go by.

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