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Project draws to an end

We now come to the end of the Cause Paper Project blog – at least as far as blogging about project progress. The Cause Papers have been imaged, the main series 1500-1799 have been processed into their delivery formats and … Continue reading

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Putting it all together

As we get into the final days of the project things are coming together. All the imaging specified in the project has been completed – although how much of the content will be fully ingested into the Digital Library waits … Continue reading

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Cause Paper Digitisation in pictures

We’ve been very fortunate to have two photographers working with us on the project. This week Katrina Zerilli has been taking some time to document the project in picture.

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Derivative copies

This week we are beginning the process of creating the derivatives that will be used for service delivery and archiving, from the master TIFF image files. The York Digital Library team have created a script that will take each directory … Continue reading

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Medieval Cause Papers added to project

This week we have been exploring the ways in which we can add images of the records of the medieval courts to the project. These records are physically more challenging for the digitisation process – the majority are on parchment … Continue reading

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Main series of 16th and 17th century cause papers completed

The teams imaging the 16th and 17th century cause papers have now completed the main series of papers and have moved on to the Dean and Chapter cause papers – these are a very similar set of cases concerning people … Continue reading

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Main series of 18th century cause papers completed

This week the team imaging the eighteenth century cause papers finished the main series (archive refenece CP.I.), which is a good milestone to have reached at this stage in the project. The next 18th century section to tackle will be … Continue reading

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