For teachers

finger The cause paper catalogue and its associated images offers a great resource for those teaching English social and economic history and also a huge bank of material for those teaching palaeography.

The material is offered for use within the classroom environment without the need for special permissions. We would, however, love to hear from you if you are using the cause papers in any kind of teaching. This is so we can make an accurate assessment of the impact of this project and so, indirectly, will make it more likely that similar projects will be funded in the future. (For example, please see the case study below)

If you are using the material in any teaching or learning activity please email me: Sara Slinn (Project Manager) (March-July 2011) or (anytime).

If there is any additional material that you would like to use in teaching and which does not fall in the scope of this project, let us know and we will do our best to help you. In particular, if you wish to use particular cause papers before 1500 or after 1800, send us a list and we will try our best to image them as soon as the main series has been finished.

Case Study: University of Lincoln UROS programme

The University of Lincoln makes available to undergraduate students scholarships which are designed to give them an opportunity of discovering what real academic research it like. Funding from this UROS scheme  (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme) has been awarded to Dr Philippa Hoskin to work with undergraduate Diane Ranyard on a project using the York Cause papers, a project only possible because of the on-line resource. They will be examining geographical distribution of cases concerning defamation and slander bought to the church courts at York. (May 2011)

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